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Lansing Square Condos

Lansing Square Condos is a master-planned community nestled in Sheppard East, North York. It's the reimagining of a 400,000 sq. ft. office complex into a mixed-use community where people of all ages can live, work, and share experiences. This vibrant development comes from the innovative mind of Almadev, a developer known for their focus on creating sustainable, future-forward environments. A hallmark of the project is its integration of residential, work, recreational, and shopping spaces, aiming to create a self-contained community hub in the heart of the city.

Lansing Square Condos






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Lansing Square Condos

Lansing Square Condos is an ambitious project featuring over 1,500 residences, new offices, a variety of retail opportunities, and a lush 1.2 acres of central park space. It's not just a place to live; it's a place to thrive. The location is one of the largest concentrated employment areas in the Greater Toronto Area, offering excellent transit connectivity and highway accessibility. Furthermore, the development is primed to connect with the proposed Sheppard East LRT, further enhancing its connectivity. A new office building, a day care facility, and a significant amount of open space are among the amenities planned for the site.

Prices, Floor Plans, Availability

  • Address: 2550 Victoria Park Ave, Toronto ON
  • Developer: Almadev
  • Occupancy: 2027
  • Area: TBA
  • Deposit: TBA
  • Storeys: Tower A – 43-Storeys with 7 buildings in total varying from 18-45 storeys
  • Maintenance Fees: TBA
  • Units: TBA
  • Prices: Starting in the $500s
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Lansing Square Condos


Lansing Square Condos


Lansing Square Condos


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Details Behind This Pre-Construction Project in

North York, ON

About the Developer - Almadev

Almadev, previously known as The New Elad, is a mixed-use, master-planned community developer and asset management company. With over two decades of experience, Almadev has built a reputation of excellence through their portfolio of residential, retail, office, and industrial properties across Canada and the United States. They focus on creating spaces where people would want to live, work, and grow, making them an ideal developer for the Lansing Square Condos project. Their commitment to sustainable and connected communities is evident in their innovative designs and strategic location selections.

The Lansing Square Condos project is a testament to Almadev's vision of the future – a place where living, working, recreation, and shopping all seamlessly coexist. As the city continues to grow and evolve, projects like Lansing Square Condos offer a glimpse into the dynamic, interconnected future of urban living.


Diamond Corp. is committed to building on the legacy created by the late A.E. Diamond. The company has a proven track record in planning and real estate development, with an expertise in achieving rezoning approvals for complicated sites.


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