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Artform Condos

Artform Condos, emblematic of style, design, and poise, is a graceful defiance of conformity. This 17-storey architectural masterpiece is the perfect blend of art and design, a marriage of bold, creative flair and thoughtful, clean aesthetics. It's a symbol of art leading any grand revival, compelling us to look towards the future for inspiration. The building's design, integrating brick, metal, stone, and glass, is a testament to the power of geometry and creativity. Situated south of Square One, Artform is spearheading the revitalisation of a historic area, marking the future as inevitable and invincible.

Artform Condos






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Why Invest in

Artform Condos

  • Location: 86 Dundas Street East, Mississauga, ON
  • Developer: Emblem Developments
  • Occupancy: March 2024
  • Area: TBA
  • Deposit: $5,000 on signing, balance to 5% in 30 days, 5% on February 1, 2021, 5% on February 1, 2022, 5% on Occupancy
  • Storeys: 17
  • Maintenance Fees: $0.58/ sq ft
  • Units: 336
  • Prices: Sales from $491,990 to over $769,990

Prices, Floor Plans, Availability

About the Project:
  • Suite Sizes: 475 - 827 sq ft

About Mississauga:

  • Mississauga, the city where Artform Condos is situated, has grown immensely over the years, with its downtown core resembling Toronto's.
  • There's an elephant named Tootsie buried somewhere in Mississauga, a testament to its rich and unique history.
  • Mississauga's Kariya Park, adorned with traditional cherry blossom trees, has a sister park in Kariya, Japan.
  • Colonel Sanders of KFC used to live in Mississauga, showcasing the city's global appeal.
  • With a population of 766,000, Mississauga is larger than Detroit, Denver, Boston, Washington and Vancouver.
  • TL Kennedy Secondary School, a historical city landmark, still has a bomb shelter from World War II in its basement.
  • Hazel McCallion, the world's oldest mayor, served Mississauga for 36 years until the age of 93, signifying the city's robust and resilient leadership.
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Artform Condos


Artform Condos


Artform Condos


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Details Behind This Pre-Construction Project in

Mississauga, ON

About the Developer: Emblem Developments

Emblem Developments believes that there is no substitute for great design. It's in their DNA. Design determines how we interact with spaces, how we live our lives, and how we rejuvenate. Great design creates a feeling of connection to one's space, an intangible yet significant achievement that a developer can deliver to their buyer.


Diamond Corp. is committed to building on the legacy created by the late A.E. Diamond. The company has a proven track record in planning and real estate development, with an expertise in achieving rezoning approvals for complicated sites.


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